Frame laptop, the ultimate repairable laptop

Frame laptop, the ultimate repairable laptop

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Framework is a young San Francisco-based company. Her proposal is very fine, Sleek, elegant and unmistakably productivity oriented. You say “This is nothing new. Correct, but the framed laptop has something new: it’s completely removable and repairable.

When I say Removable and repairable, I mean any user with average knowledge can unlock it and locate the component they want to change, remove and replace with another one without a friendly individual wearing a blue uniform from U.S Technical service cAnd suelte What do you have to pay € 600 to change a computer motherboard three years ago (This example wasn’t invented. IMac keeps raising the dust In the storage room since then, Apple Sage On my blacklist and on my desktop now PC).

Let’s start with the laptop frame ports. The device has four interchangeable holes through which we can accommodate the USB-C unit with a charge of 20 volts, USB-A with support for USB 3.2, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, or MicroSD. In the space these units occupy, the user can place an additional SSD with up to 1 TB of storage if desired. The mere fact that we can choose the ports we want or change them if we consider them necessary is indeed a trend. The company is working on adding new units More options than we mentioned above. In fact, the ports can be switched on both sides.

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picture: Framework

The allocation does not stop at the ports. Everything in the bowels of the device could be a cameraSimply by disconnecting some cables. Motherboard The processor can be changed. Memory and storage are not welded Palette as in other brands that I will not mention. Screen, 55Wh battery or keyboard are also swappable.

Framework apunta a la conciencia medioambiental y al ahorro como los motores de su idea, y lo cierto es que sus intenciones no pueden ser mejores. Lo que queda por ver es si lograrán asentarse en el mercado. Los dispositivos modulares no suelen tener buena acogida y aunque compañías tan veteranas como Intel han lanzado equipos de sobremesa modulares como los NUC, no parece que hayan despegado del todo. Framework es la primera en intentarlo con un portátil. El Framework Laptop comenzará a venderse en verano. Si estás interesado puedes registrarte en su paJenna Webb To receive information when available.

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