The most ridiculous solution to iPhone failures


Turn off iPhone, which is a classic

In many cases, restarting your iPhone will solve most of the problems that may arise. Especially when it’s related to general system slowdown or also the fact that the battery runs out very quickly. When it comes to turning off and on the iPhone, the only thing that is done is to stop all the internally initiated processes that you cannot see with the naked eye.

By stopping them, it is possible that you also end this process which has managed to enter a static loop which is causing the problem. This is a quite typical thing that can solve various visual errors that have appeared while using the device. This is quite typical thing as we have commented that it can be done in the vast majority of cases, but obviously It does not always work. Keep in mind that what is achieved upon reboot despite resolving many errors does not work true miracles when it comes to an internal problem or a hardware problem where this work will never end.

Stop background apps

Although you shouldn’t have any problem initially with apps stopping in the background, in rare cases the performance can end in failure. That’s why if you notice that the operating system is a bit slow for whatever reason, then the problem could be with background apps. This is an easy solution and will not require any other steps, such as restoring the operating system, as you will simply have to open the multitasking manager and close everything that you are not using.

Restore the operating system

Certainly restore IOS version for your iPhone It is the most popular solution when trying to solve internal problems. Although it may sound like a lie, this method meant that many people had to find the way to the nearest technical service. What is done with this process starts from scratch with the brand new mobile device. This is why on many occasions it may be advisable not to have to restore the backup you created earlier because you may pull the failure.

Finder restores iphone

This is why the simple fact of connecting an iPhone to a Mac or Windows and making the format through Finder or iTunes respectively is the first thing Apple can tell you about battery status, performance, or any other kind of failure.

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