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The Developed by Google it is a smart and fast typing app that contains emojis, gifs, gesture typing, voice dictation and many other functions. In addition, it has the ability to instantly paste any text you have copied, this means that you do not have to press for a few seconds on the keyboard to see the option to paste, did you know that the application can also save recently taken screenshots to the clipboard? We’ll show you how below.

When you take a screenshot that you want to share with your contacts on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., you have to go to the gallery, search for the image, share it and choose the contact, it is a very long procedure for something very simple, but, It makes all these steps easy for you.

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Using the keyboard function mentioned above, called “Save Screenshots”, you will automatically avoid these tedious steps and when you create a screenshot that will be stored on top of Gboard, just tap on it to quickly send it to your contact.

How to send a screenshot instantly

  • First, make sure Gboard You have no pending updates in the Google Play Store.
  • Then enter any platform to write a message, in this example we will be using the instant messaging application WhatsApp.
  • Then tap on the nut icon “Settings” as shown in the attached image below.
  • A new window will open with several sections, choose the one containing the “Clipboard”.
  • Now, three options will appear, the last one will be deactivated by default, and this is the one that allows you to save screenshots to the clipboard.
  • Finally, activate it and grant the permissions to your gallery.
Steps to save screenshots to Gboard clipboard (Image: Mag)
  • Ready, all screenshots will now be saved to the Gboard clipboard, to see and send them just tap on the notes table icon and these files will appear.

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