Genshin Impact fans celebrated the return of the Hu Tao – Kudasai banner


As previously announced, the character Thoma, “protector of distant lands” Added to the gacha mechanics of the video game he developed miHoYoAnd Jinshin effect, the second of November. But it seems the fans are celebrating the most with the comeback He Tao, director of the El Camino funeral home.

«Hu Tao’s banner, the character who talks like a ghost, debuted in March of this year and quickly became very popular, especially since the character has one of the best single-target damage in Genshin Impact, which ensured Hu Tao to feature prominently in the various character ratingsThe source commented. The character has become a trend on Twitter with hashtags like #Walnut NS #HuTao, with illustrations like the following:

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