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Finally released one of the most expected functions by all users in the world, we refer to the tools for making calls and video calls from the aforementioned email system, all without having to create a Google meeting room. can i do that Here we will explain it.

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It is a tool that Google had announced since last September 2021, but it arrived in the early days of this year, albeit according to the information issued by the technology portal. Calls and video calls will only work individually with a contact you have registered with This means that if you want to make a conference call, you will have to resort to other options such as: Google Meet, Zoom, FaceTime, etc.

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In addition, it is important to clarify that these functions are available on Apple’s Android and iOS mobile phones, and similarly, the great “G” company has said that it will gradually add more options so that gmail To have a wider contact area.

How to make Gmail calls and video calls

  • First, make sure gmail You do not have pending updates in the Google Play Store on Android or the App Store on Apple.
  • Open the app.
  • Go to the bottom of the main interface, where you will find the following options: “Mail”, “Chat”, “Rooms” and “Meet”, click on the second.
  • Automatically, a list of all the conversations you have had with your contacts will open, touch any chat.
  • Once inside, you will be able to see two icons in the upper right: one in the form of a phone, which is for calls; And another in the form of a camera used for video calls.
  • If at the third point of this series of steps you can’t see the Mail, Chat, Rooms and Meet tabs, we’ll show you how to activate them.

How to enable chat tabs and spaces

  • Return to the main interface of gmail.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines at the top left.
  • Several options will be displayed, scroll the space bar down until you find the option that says “Settings” or “Settings” (a cogwheel or cog icon).
  • The next step is to choose an account gmail that you are currently using.
  • Next, find the section “Tag Manager” > “General” > “Chat”
  • To the right of this last section, there will be an empty box, touch it to select it.
  • You will receive a welcome message to the chat gmail, click OK.
  • Finally, wait for the platform to load and it will redirect you to the home screen with all tabs enabled.

Do you have problems with Gmail? If the platform is running slow or not loading properly, tap And follow all the steps to solve the problem. If these solutions do not work, consult To see if there are any known issues with Gmail.

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