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It is undoubtedly the most used email platform in the world, however, on some occasions, the aforementioned app developed by the tech giant Google succumbs to some kind of failure that you certainly cannot fix. This time we are going to show you a list of the most common errors that Gmail can present, of course with their respective solutions.

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It is necessary to emphasize that if this is a global downfall, as happened recently with WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, there is nothing to do, simply wait for the developers to do so. Fix the issue, which could take a few hours or maybe days.

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Internet connection

If you are using files gmail And suddenly it stops working, the first thing you will think is that the platform has crashed, but before coming to that conclusion, try to go to other pages like: Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc., so you can check if it is that You have access to the Internet. If the pages do not load, you can try to turn off the modem for about 10 or 15 seconds and turn it on again, if the problem persists, contact the company that provides Internet services.

Browser Extensions

Search engine extensions are small programs that improve the user experience when browsing the Internet, however, they can cause problems with the operation of other pages, including gmail, so we recommend deactivating one by one, closing and reopening the search engine you are using to check if it works. One of the most common tricks is to access Gmail from incognito mode, so you will do without all the extensions and you will know if the problem is caused by these programs.


  • To see if you have the updated version of your browser, first open it and touch the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Several options will be displayed, choose the one that says “Help” > “About Google Chrome” or any other browser you are using.
  • Here you can see if you have the updated browser version.

Error 502

Sometimes this error message appears on the screen, which announces a temporary failure related to the account, this usually resolves in a few seconds, so there is nothing to do, just let a short time pass before retrying to access the gmail.

Do you have problems with gmail? If the platform is running slow or not loading properly, tap And follow all the steps to solve the problem. If these solutions do not work, consult To see if there are any known issues with Gmail.

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