The new ones Iphone The Apple 13 and 13 Mini devices mark the official end of Iphone 64GB, as the company founded by Steve Jobs doubled the storage capacities of its 2021 models while keeping prices the same, so new smartphones now start with 128GB storage with 256GB and 512GB options.

Also, for those who need more space, the Iphone 13 Pro display up to 1 TB).

Goodbye up to 64 GB

While 64 GB capacities will continue to be maintained in older models of Iphone 12, Iphone 11 and iPhone SE, Apple’s latest devices will come with a minimum capacity of 128GB now.

However, it should be noted that this change was already too late. The storage issue has only grown as the apps, photos, videos, and games keep getting larger. Although Apple has offered this capability since 2011 (joining the mid-tier 16GB and 32GB models), it stuck with it stubbornly even when Apple started offering 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB options on its phones.

This is something Apple has previously signed on to, like Iphone In 2015 it had 16 GB, although it only took Apple a year to turn things around with Iphone 7, which offered 32 GB. hypothetical.

64 GB was not 64 GB

Also, one of the complaints from Apple users was that 64 GB wasn’t enough because you didn’t even get 64 GB of usable storage, because the pre-installed apps and the company’s operating system took up between 11 and 14 GB. from the fund.

Available space is less and varies due to many factors. Standard configuration uses approximately 11 GB to 14 GB space (including iOS and pre-installed apps) depending on the model and configuration. Pre-installed apps use files 4GB You can remove these applications and restore them. Storage capacity is subject to change according to the software version and may vary by device,” according to the specialist portal The Verge.

That’s a fifth of your storage space, but even your storage space 50 GB Or more of the remaining storage space is being consumed very quickly due to the size of recent apps and games. As SensorTower reported earlier this year, the main applications of Iphone It was four times larger than it was five years ago, continuing the long-term trend of larger applications.

Nintendo Fire Emblem heroes, for example, occupy almost 4GB storage. Apple Arcade’s Fantasian takes up another 4GB of space. It can quickly add WhatsApp and iMessage chats as well – a quick look at my phone shows those taking up 2.7GB and 4GB respectively. This does not even apply to music or videos, which can quickly take up all the free space on your phone if you download a large amount of locally stored content from Apple Music, Spotify or Netflix.

And of course, there are photos and videos, which can easily take up a whole 50GB on their own for prolific photographers, especially when you consider the fact that the improved cameras in Iphone They came with the most demanding photo and video formats. Apple’s ProRAW format was introduced with models Iphone 12 Pro, you can average 25MB per image, and 4K footage can stack faster — iMore notes that 30 seconds of 4K footage at 30 frames per second will take about 175MB (or about 85MB with HEVC encoding).

shoot HDR, as he admitted it Iphone Later, increase the sizes of these files even more. Apple has adopted the default 1080p video quality for years on the iPhone (which has technically been able to record in 4K since Iphone 6s), most likely to avoid complaints about running out of storage space.

However, this year’s local storage change is expected to be a precursor to things to come; After all, the free 5GB of iCloud storage was also introduced a decade ago, in 2011. Sure, 10 years later, Apple can find room in its heart (and budget) for a similar increase in space.

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