Goodbye to the “unfaithful status” on WhatsApp: what happened and what was the function?

Pay attention to the trick that the messaging app hides to make the most of its operating capabilities.

in The WhatsApp It is only natural that you will discover various tricks that will allow you to get the most out of the operation of the application. Then we leave you the next trick to discover new uses and surprise your contacts. Pay attention and find out.

Goodbye to the “disloyal status” on WhatsApp: what happened and what was the function

WhatsApp, the Meta instant messaging app, will change your temporary messages, a function that allows them to be deleted automatically, according to the limit imposed by the sender, which is 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days.

By saving a backup copy of the application and activating the “double messages” function, cheat mode, an unofficial name but popularized by the general public, consists of reading the messages of another user – a couple, for example. – To find out who you are talking to when you are not with your partner.

In the next update of WhatsApp, today in beta, there will be a new function that will directly affect photos and videos. As a result of this change, which must be activated from the configuration, each user will have the ability to “save message”, replacing the current “highlight message”. However, this option will not be applied to users who have activated the temporary messages option.

Thus, messages will not be allowed to be saved for those who have not activated temporary WhatsApp messages, who will not be able to use the unfaithful mode in the app.

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