Google apps for iOS updated with interesting news

Google apps for iOS updated with interesting news

New Google Translate and Google Drive tools and improvements to Gmail and Chat notifications.

In addition to advertising New upcoming features for Android smartphones around the worldGoogle too He recently posted an entry on his official blog Which has the details? Every one of the novelties that will be available very soon in their iOS apps.

This is all the news coming to Google Apps for iOS

New Google Translate Tool

Google Translate iOS (1)

Google Translate’s new tool for iOS

One of the apps Google To be updated on iPhones and iPads Google translatorwhich will feature a new widget that integrates functions such as Take a photo to translate text, use conversation mode to chat in two languages, or translate copied text with one touch.

New Google Drive XL gadget for iPad

The second novelty that comes to Google apps on devices manzana Affects Google Drive, an app that will have New XL Gadget will be exclusive to iPad.

As you can see in the image below these lines you will see this new Google Drive XL gadget for iPad More files on the home screen And it will contain more shortcuts so you can do it Faster access to both priority files and shared folders.

In addition to the XL size that you can see in the picture above, this piece has different sizes so you can customize it Add your most useful Drive features only to you.

Gmail and chat app notification improvements

Google also announced that by the end of the month, it will update its Gmail and Chat apps on iOS The sender’s profile picture appears in your chat notification, allowing you to see who sent you a message.

Gmail and iOS Chat

New Gmail and Chat notifications for iOS

In addition, this update will give you more control over Gmail and Chat notifications, such as This will now pass by focusing on both iPhone and iPad.

This is really useful if you are trying to reduce screen time, but You don’t want to miss an important message. To do this, you simply have to select the contacts from which you want to receive notifications when focus is activated and both Gmail and Chat They will only send you notifications of messages from these users.

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