Google Chrome is awful, and I didn’t understand it until I stopped using it

Google Chrome is awful, and I didn’t understand it until I stopped using it

Like most people, all my life I have used more than one browser to access the Internet. Like many, I started with internet browser, when there was practically no other choice. I used Firefox and Google Chromeuntil the origin bravewhich I installed for cryptocurrency, but now I use for other reasons.

Currently, the most used browser in the world (with the exception of some countries) is Google Chrome. It’s a very good browser, but it has one major problem, it consumes a ridiculous amount of RAM. And it’s everyone’s biggest complaint, RAM consumption, which is something Brave solves for.

I came to Brave for cryptocurrency and found gold

There are many problems that Google Chromethe most obvious object High RAM consumption. It makes you if you have a team in that sense, you end up having a really bad time. In addition, it has other small drawbacks such as low privacy, the need to use AdBlocks through an extension, among others.

Due to the high RAM consumption, basically, look for an alternative in Firefox. Although it works well, I didn’t like it in certain aspects, so I decided to go back and continue using Chrome. This means that this browser uses more than 90% of your computer’s RAM.

The launch of the .. the launch of the .. the take off of the brave I’m very interested in the first place, but don’t use it right away. It allowed me to pass some time with the intention of correcting the potential initial failure. After a few months I installed it and started using it. The whole idea was to use it Increase privacy And also earn some codes given to you for using the browser.

Although it comes with a specific intent, from the first moment I noticed significant improvements. The first thing I noticed is a file decrease in consumption of RAM at 1 GB, which is a large number. I did different tests and even with more tabs open in Brave compared to Chrome, the RAM consumption was lower. The most interesting is that Brave is based on Chromiumthe open source code on which Google Chrome is built.

Brave Browser

Many advantages beyond getting some tokens

Brave natively integrates a very powerful AdBlocker system that limits ads when browsing. It also has a third party tracking restriction system. The new tabs list is also interesting as we can list the websites we use most often and can be accessed easily. to merge Access to the Tor . network To browse more privately, which is great. Also includes a system Virtual Private Network To protect us when we connect to an unknown WiFi network.

Something very interesting is that we can use it as The original DuckDuckGo Browser (We can also use it in Chrome), among other things it has tracking limitations. We also have a large number of privacy and security settings when browsing.

One of the last very useful features included in Brave is Talks, a solution that wants to compete with Google Meet and Zoom. It is a private video calling tool that provides encrypted conversations and without data collection.

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