Will you be able to find the word “ROSES” hidden in the alphabet soup? Teach me about science

Will you be able to find the word “ROSES” hidden in the alphabet soup?  Teach me about science

During this alphabet soup, we offer you a great visual game that will help you improve your performance, and after solving it you will be able to carry out your tasks during the day more efficiently. It also serves as a learning strategy, a way to have fun, and a strategy to help you improve certain skills.

At first glance, it looks like a simple challenge, as you will have to think, think of strategies, memorize and store the information that you capture through your eyes. Don’t despair or get discouraged, if you persevere you will be able to solve this visual puzzle before the time limit, you can ask for help or solve it yourself.

Look at the following image created by awesome guru, which shows us a set of letters that hide a word, to find it in the least time should keep your mind active and fast. We recommend that you don’t get distracted because this challenge you only have 5 seconds on the clock and if you don’t know how to take advantage of it then victory will slip out of your hands.

Search for the word “roses” within 5 seconds

picture: awesome guru

Was it easy for you to find the word? Tell us how long it took you to find the solution.

For years and today Letter Soup They have managed to position themselves as one of the favorite pastimes of thousands of users, both because its solution is very easy and because it is one of the most productive games available on social networks. For now, scroll down to finish today’s visual challenge.


picture: awesome guru

We congratulate you for participating in this visual exercise that will bring great results and benefits to your brain. As mentioned earlier, this type of hobby is a great tool for learning and stimulating the brain. That’s why we suggest that you increase the degree of difficulty each time you pass the challenge.

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