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Among all the features it has What stands out most is its speed when browsing the Internet, however, this sometimes fails on the occasions when you intend to download a file from any web page. This problem could be related to the speed of your network connection or the strength of the Wi-Fi signal, although it is possible that the search engine itself is showing the problems.

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In this opportunity we will teach you a simple trick for that Speed ​​up file downloads Know you’re connected from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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It’s a tool for Google Chrome It divides the file for downloading into several parts, meaning that it is divided into small parts that are downloaded at the same time at the same speed, which reduces the time of this process.

How to reduce download times on Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome And in the address bar, type the following: chrome://flags/
  • Press Enter to load the page. Now in the search bar, where it says “Search flags”, search for “Parallel Downloading”.
  • When the Parallel Download section appears, click on the dropdown menu that appears on the right side and choose the Enabled option.
In the Parallel Download option, choose Enabled (Image: Mag)

Ready, when “Enabled” is selected, below Google Chrome You will see a warning to restart your browser, why? Because it’s the only way all the changes you’ve made will be applied. When you open Chrome again and want to download through Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS and Android devices, the process will complete faster than usual.

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