Google “loads” one of its legendary services, 16 years after its launch

Google “loads” one of its legendary services, 16 years after its launch


Goodbye forever to another Google messaging service: Talk disappears once and for all.

In 2005, Google Introduce Gmail Instant MessagingCall google chat. The tool has been in operation for the past seventeen years, although in these past years, Google has promoted Use Hangouts As an alternative to Talk.

Now, seventeen years after its release, Google has taken the last step in its goal towards the eventual closure of Google Talkone of its most legendary services, which from today has become a part of Lost Goods Cemetery That once was part of the company’s catalog.

A Google app on your Android phone.

Google Talk says goodbye forever

as a company itself Announced Workspace Updates on Her Blogfrom today, Google talk is disappearing After several years in the background due to the emergence of services such as Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat.

“With the introduction of Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat, which are adding new improvements to meeting and group collaboration, it’s time to say goodbye to Google Talk.”

According to Google, as of today June 26all those people who keep using it Speak through the Gmail clientthey will receive a notification indicating that Talk ceases to existand that your chats will be hosted on Hangouts.

Google will integrate the two video calling apps

In this sense, it is indicated that those who prefer Google talk interfaceThey will be able to activate an option in the Hangouts settings, allowing this Activate a more similar design For classic service.

In addition, those who still have Google Talk app On their Android devices — which was removed from Google Play in 2013 after the arrival of Hangouts — they should know it It will also stop working from the 26thFor this reason , It is recommended to download Hangouts.

It is noteworthy that Google recommends the use of Hangouts at the moment, as the application has also been discontinued by Google in favor of google chatYour instant messaging app. And with luck, it might be the last.

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