How, when and where to see Strawberry Moon 2022, first of summer

How, when and where to see Strawberry Moon 2022, first of summer

As the berries ripen, a unique astronomical event crowns the summer sky: the strawberry moon. So you can see it this year.

On the American continent, the harvest of forest fruits is short. Ancestors, even the indigenous nations of North America They should have known about the Heavenly VaultThe first full moon of summer marked the exact point at which strawberries reached maturity. According to the oral traditions of these cultures, The moonlight made them sweeter.

Because of this cultural heritage, The first full moon of the year got this name: Strawberry Moon. Each year, around mid-June, this astronomical phenomenon crowns the night sky across the planet. here we tell you When you areAnd the what does it mean astronomical and how do you see it in the best way.

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Ripe strawberry moon

The full moon, also known as the strawberry moon, rises behind the Temple of Poseidon near the capital Athens in Cape Sounio, Greece on June 24, 2021. Photo: Ayhan Muhammed/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

According to Felicia Chu, a spokeswoman for NASA, the first full moon of the summer season is associated with “Short Strawberry Harvest Season in Northeastern North America”as explained by BBC World. In fact, when a 50-year cycle is completed, this An astronomical event coinciding with the June solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, it marks the beginning of summer; In the south, on the other hand, winter begins.

Also, the first full moon of summer is too”Super MoonWhen it’s only Earth’s natural satellite reaches perigee The closest point in orbit to our planet looks bigger than usual. However, this is just a visualization from the Earth’s surface: Not connected It seems Which increases its size because it is closer to us.

In addition, on some occasions, the moon reflects more than the light of the sun, which is why in addition to that it appears larger than on other nights, It also looks brighter in the sky. Depending on the weather every night, you can have it too a reddish or copper color.

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When does the strawberry moon end?

strawberry moon
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In general, the strawberry moon It can be seen for three days in the sky night, Documents NASA. Every year, this astronomical phenomenon can be seen around the entire planet. However, it acquires Different names according to the culture that you see cross the night sky.

In Europe, for example, the first full moon of summer coincides with the honey harvest season. Subsequently Known as ‘honeymoon’ in the UK. In other regions of the continent, it is also referred to as “Mid Moon”. for See it in more detailIf you don’t have telescopes at home, you can adjust to fit live coverage of virtual telescope project.

In 2022, the Strawberry Moon can be seen from Monday, June 13. However, you will reach Maximum strength on the fourteenth night of the month. On that day, according to the documents lifeyou can see up to 16% brighter than other nights. By the 15th day, it will lose its intensity until it is back to its usual size.

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