Google Maps just got an update with a handy feature, and it’s surprising that it wasn’t there soon

Google Maps just got an update with a handy feature, and it’s surprising that it wasn’t there soon

Perfect Maps and Navigation app have been updated to add very useful functionality

Google Maps app on an Android smartphone

Google Maps has just made a huge change to its app, and you might not have realized it. A function introduced in the latest version of the application has arrived to facilitate, and a lot, of navigation On the app map when you explore any area in the world.

It was folks androidpolice Who discovered the existence of this feature, and which It allows you to know where you are at all times The location of any location marked on the map.

Its operation is simple: when you select a location on Google Maps, the app displays a Red thumbtack. Until now, when changing the location of the map, Hidden thumbtack And it can be complicated find it again. This post comes to solve this problem, by Keep the thumbtack visible at all timesAs can be seen in the image below these lines.

Pushpin on Google Maps

Google Maps now shows you where the exact location is at all times

In addition to keeping the thumb pin always visible for access to the stowed position at all times, Maps also allows you to tap on it to go back to the exact location. A function so simple, yet so practical, that it is remarkable that it was not available until now.

Without a doubt, this will become one of our favorite tricks for getting more out of Google Maps, along with the option to let you know the best time to go shopping, to a bar, or a job to have Google Maps notify you when a friend is nearby, arriving or leaving a place.

For now, this functionality is only available to some users of Google Maps on Android, but it should come to everyone nowadays. To ensure that you always have the latest features, you need to make sure that Always keep the app updated to the latest version.

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