Google offers an application that helps the user to recognize skin conditions with a mobile camera



May 19, 2021 23:10 GMT

The dermatological assistant works on the basis of artificial intelligence.

Google ha Developed An AI-powered application that allows people to identify skin, hair, or nail conditions through a mobile device’s camera.

This application Dermatological assistance It is based on a web portal that will be launched later this year as a beta test, which will help the tool identify a potential user problem. To do this, the person must Take three photos From different angles to the affected area and answer a series of questions such as skin type and symptoms.

The application does not replace a medical examination

Then artificial intelligence that is capable of that 288 conditions recognizedThen, it analyzes this information and provides a list of potential diseases so that the person can investigate further. However, Google advises that this tool is not intended for Provide the diagnosis It is also not a substitute for medical recommendations, but only provides information that has been reviewed by dermatologists so that the user can make a decision based on reliable data.

Additionally, he highlights that applying dermatological assistance is the icing on the cake More than 3 years of research. These studies, which have been reviewed and published in various scientific journals, have shown that the aforementioned AI system can achieve Diagnostic accuracy Similar to certified dermatologists in the United States, physicians can use this tool to improve their ability to interpret skin conditions.

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