Google paid more than 12 million in 2022 to hackers and spends more and more on ‘bug catchers’


With each passing year, Google allocates more money to so-called ethical hackers.

Google paid more than 12 million in 2022 to hackers and is spending more and more on "Insect hunters"
Helping Google catch “bugs” and security issues has a bonus… totally succulent too!

There is no doubt at this time programs “bug catchers” Google They are doing well, and they continue to grow and prove it with each passing year Very effective in correcting security issues quickly and effectivelyEspecially in these times when cyber security is on everyone’s lips.

Not in vain, and Ethical hackers received less than $9 million in 2021 to be distributed among the 696 accepted bonuses, while In 2022, the number has risen again to 12 millionwith the record as well as the highest paid single reporter in history.

Perhaps for this reason, these programs for “vulnerability hunters” have become a good source of rewards and income for computer experts, who They pocket the quantities of succulents by keeping track of meticulously Operating systems and services Connected apps Report any security issues first that they meet

As our colleagues told us Android Policefrom Mountain View they detailed a few days ago All new data Vulnerability Bounty Program (VRP)which in 2022 has grown exponentially again with Android and Chrome are in the main focusThey are obviously the biggest sources of reports because they are also the most used services.

So it wouldn’t surprise you that Google paid $4.8 million to Android researchersincluding the aforementioned record for the highest paid report in history, of no less than $605,000 for one impairment notice Of a critical nature, however, we have no details.

In case Chrom The numbers are equally high, though A total of 4 million Among the ethical hackers who reviewed the Chrome browser and those who are dedicated to the operating system Chrome OSfor which they got about $500,000 for their part.

Google payments to ethical hackers

Google’s payments to ethical hackers are increasing exponentially.

the rest of the money, More than 3 million dollarsdistributed to a good group of Vulnerabilities are detected in all Google servicesfrom Play Store to Maps, passing through New businesses like Fitbit or Google Nest That started in 2022 last their plans Insect hunterswhich managed to help boost its impressive final numbers.

Google has it too Made the process easy for anyone who wants to get startedand even post how-to videos for novice researchers who want to report problems, so everything seems to point to that These programs will continue in the future because of their effectiveness And because of the cheap costs involved in hiring a huge team of computer forensics and ethical hackers.

Obviously putting it in context is simple, because Google entered $280,000 million and spent only $12 million in Ethical hackersalso out of the company and this helps them stay safe faster and more effectively, since An exploited vulnerability would certainly be more harmful to spend that money.

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