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who use , Google mail, they receive not only important information about the job or advertisement, but also a large number of photographs, many of which are usually in . While the latter is no longer a free tool and only has 15GB of storage, uploading photos to its cloud service is full of tricks. Here’s how to quickly save an image.

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Just one click is enough and you don’t have to go through several steps to enjoy file integration Google Photos employment Gmail, Here we explain in detail.

How to save up to Gmail in Google Photos

All JPG files can be stored in . format Google Photos If they come to Gmail.

  • The first thing is to open the email that has one or more pictures attached.
  • In the image preview you will see options Download, Save to Drive, Save to Photos.
  • The latter will be displayed with the icon Google Photos With the “+” symbol to add.
  • Just click on it and the image will be saved to your account Google Photos.
  • A shortcut to view the saved image will be displayed.

from “Xataka Android” very This new feature can also be found when you enter the image from Gmail. When the options menu opens, Save in pictures. This option does not allow you to save all the photos at once, but one by one.

The new “Save to Photos” option will be displayed with a Google Photos icon with the “+” symbol to add it. (Photo: mag)

Trick to download all photos at once

Another alternative is to do it from the web version of Gmail, where it is allowed to save PNG and GIF files, which does not happen from the application.

  • If the option does not appear “save in pictures” In the preview, you have to open the image and in ‘menu’ Select option ‘Participate’ NS ‘Share all’.
  • then search “Upload to Pictures”.
  • with cucumber ‘Share all’ All images will be uploaded at once to Google Photos.

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