Chinese samples indicate that the moon cooled later than previously thought


remains solid lava According to a newspaper article, Science Magazine, which suggests that color Cool later than previously thought.

Samples brought by the American and Soviet missions contained more than 2900 million years. Samples obtained in Chinese mission Chang’e-5 At the end of last year, about 1960 million years, it is suggested that volcanic activity It lasted longer than expected.

Last December, China’s unmanned probe landed in a hitherto unvisited part of a huge lava plain, Ocean of Hurricane u “Ocean de las Tormentas”. Later some 1,731 grams of lunar samples brought to Earth.

One of the main goals of Chang’e-5, named after the mythical Chinese moon goddess, was to discover How long has the moon been in volcanic activity?.

The Oceanus Procellarum region on the Moon is characterized by its high concentrations of Potassium, thorium and uranium, elements that generate heat through long-range radioactive decay and which may have suffered from a Prolonged magmatic activity on the near face of the moonThe authors of the article, including Chinese researchers, wrote.

According to the article, the source is DrThe heat of magmatic activity can also be due to the so-called “tidal heating”, That is, to heat generated by the Earth’s gravity.

Chang’e-5’s mission turned China is the third country to recover lunar samples after the United States and the Soviet Union, which 45 years ago sent the last successful mission to get materials from the Moon.

China plans to launch missions to the moon Chang’e-6 y Chang’e-7, also unmanned, in the next five years to explore the south pole of the moon.

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