How do you opt out of sending emails on your cell phone?


If you have an account Gmail And you sent a e-mail By mistake to a recipient that was not, or you simply want to cancel this action, we tell you how to do it and how long you should be able to delete it.

It is very common to send an email to the recipient wrongYou forget to attach files or you simply decide not to send an email in just an hour. For these cases, we have good news for you, because it is possible to delete an email from someone else’s account and unsend it. But it might not be as long as you thought.

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How to cancel sending an email in Gmail on PC?

Before sending an email you should To determine in the Send Message icon that appears at the bottom left of your screen. There you can choose to undo or view the message.

Select the Undo option. This way the email will not be sent and it will be stored in the archived emails in the trash.

To be able to configure how long to wait before deleting a message, you must go to Settings and in each of them, select the Undo Message option Choose Time between 10 to 30 seconds.

How to cancel sending an email on a cell phone?

If you are using an iPhone or Android, a notification will appear as soon as the message is sent. Even after 30 seconds, you can click on that notification. He decided to cancel the entire letter. After this time you will not be able to do anything to cancel your shipment.

There is currently no option to move the time available to do this action, you can only make these changes in the computer menu.

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