Google shuts down another of its apps

Google shuts down another of its apps


Do you remember YouTube Go? The lite version of the YouTube app will be closing its doors very soon.

Since 2016, holders of Limited mobile resources They have at their disposal a youtube app lighter YouTube Go, which lacks some of the features in the full version, is called Presence Lighter application, better performance on these types of devices.

But, according to Google, today Use YouTube Go It no longer makes sense, since the full version has undergone improvements that improve its performance even on the cheapest mobile phones. for this reason, announce what or what YouTube Go is about to say goodbye forever.

Goodbye to YouTube Go: The lite version of YouTube is shutting down this summer

The lite version of the YouTube app will disappear from Google Play.

As the company itself declared, YouTube Go will no longer be available from August*. For this reason, users of the application are recommended to download the full version of YouTube, or access the video platform through the browser via

Those who decide to switch from YouTube Go to the full app will enjoy an extension More complete experience Through functions such as the possibility of Leave comments on videos, post content or use dark theme.

In addition, many of the performance improvements YouTube Go brought to resource-limited devices are now in the full YouTube app, along with many other changes that have enabled the app to It performs better on any type of device, regardless of its power. On the other hand, the company claims that it is working on new options that allow this Consume less bandwidth when consuming content.

Currently, YouTube Go will continue to run until AugustBut it is likely that sooner or later it will be removed from the Android App Store. Later, users will be encouraged to switch to the web version or the full app.

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