GTA 5 adopts AMD’s FidelityFX technology and the result surprises


Ultra-precision FidelityFX, which many consider the answer AMD To DLSS from Nvidia, it’s been available for a few days. Of course, some curious have been assigned to implement it in popular games today. One of them is GTA 5, whose community of moderates is still enormous. While there is no official method for Rockstar Games, and we don’t even know if the studio is interested in developing it, one user created his own solution in record time.

integration GTA 5 With FidelityFX Super Resolution it’s even more surprising because AMD has not released the source code yet of this technology. The company’s current promise is that FidelityFX will be too open source So that the developer community can take full advantage of it. However, many are still waiting for the code and it is not known when it will be available.

The good news is that FidelityFX Super Resolution can be easily adapted to almost any game. At least that’s what the developers Forspock During Show from AMD. So modder NarutoUA went to work to create support for GTA 5. What is the end result? Luckily, The FidelityFX re-scale works better than the original Rockstar Games method.

Due to the pressure YouTube puts on videos, you may not notice much difference. However, in the following Link You can see a comparison GTA 5 With two high-resolution images (just hover over them to switch from one image to another). The first uses the Rockstar Games rescaling method, while the second includes the FidelityFX Super Resolution method. Luckily, AMD technology wins by a wide margin in GTA 5.

Obviously, we are facing the first implementation for sure You will receive improvements over time, especially when the FidelityFX Super Resolution source code comes out. If you are interested in testing it on your PC, NarutoUA has provided everything you need in a repository github. You can see the documentation and installation instructions below Link.

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