Have I been Pwned up to an agreement with the FBI to receive the leaked passwords


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Have I Been Pwned, or HIBP, a website that allows users to check if a they passwords It has been hacked, A strong partner in the United States: The FBI.

Friday, the site’s founder, Troy Hunt, ad That the FBI would have a direct line to get rid of it HIBP Your private information about any security breaches or data breaches.

Although the platform already has a database Literally billionss Passwords, emails, and compromised account detailsOver the years, this new partnership means that the FBI You can add Hacked recently found passwords During their own investigation. In fact, the FBI is already Has partnered with Hunt For a similar purpose when Forwarded 4.3 million emails Who participated in Disreputable A raid on Emotenet Botnet At the beginning of this year. Now, the agency will do the same continuously.

As he writes A stalk on his blog, this news comes around the same time HIBP became his platform Open source, a change he has been planning to serve since Last August. The timing turned out to be just rightAnd the Since its first open source project, Hunt is asking for help with it, and it’s a way to get the FBI repository to more people in a faster way.

“ The important thing is to make sure there is a path to swallow through That data canN is flowing towards HIBP is available to consumers as quickly as possible in order to maximize the value it providesHunt Books. The developer is included What to look for in the so-called “password entry code.”” On His blog , And even prepare a file GitHub Public For people who want to collaborate. He also added that the “scope” of these open source projects could be expanded in the future, which means that other cyber investigators can contribute to Pwned by adding Your passwords later.

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