Hector Herrera was greeted with joy upon his arrival at the Houston Dynamo

The Houston Dynamo’s Mexican booster has already arrived in the US to start next season with the club (Video: Twitter/@HoustonDynamo)

A new stage in which there will be a race Hector Herrera In professional football after becoming the team’s signature Houston Dynamo FC. subordinate Ml (MLA) for the 2022 season, he left Spain and has already arrived in the new city of the United States where he will compete before the start of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Wednesday afternoon, July 29 Hector Herrera arrived in the United States with his family. As soon as he walked into the Houston airport lounge, he noticed how many fans had gathered there to greet him. Among the endless flags, songs and banners with his name is the way he was received h h.

Groups of fans gathered at the airport for several hours to see the arrival of the Mexican soccer player, and over time the airport was filled with the colors of Hector Miguel’s new team. As soon as Herrera left the room, the cheers began. on the beat”Give her, give her a dynamo!The youth team of Pachuca greeted the fans who greeted it.

Hector Herrera has arrived at the Houston Dynamo to join the MLS (Image: Twitter / @HoustonDynamo)

on their way He agreed to sign the club’s shirts whose names are already printedHe also presented pictures and signatures on the flags carried by the fans of the Dynamo team. The feelings were so great that the footballer at some points was surrounded by fans who were delighted with his arrival.

Its passage through the airport has been completely cut off Took time for fans to attend who were approaching him. Among phrases such as: “Hello,” “Hello Hector,” “Welcome to Texas” or “Thank you Herrera” is how he walked the corridors of the airport.

The The official account of the dynamo cHe edited different scenes in which the midfielder thanked the fans for showing affection and how he responded to it euphoria of the place He took a few minutes to take pictures and left his signature imprinted on the US team’s jerseys. He uploaded some videos on his social networks To show how the reception happened.

MLS fans chanted the Mexican player's name as soon as they saw him arrive (Image: Twitter / @ HoustonDynamo)
MLS fans chanted the Mexican player’s name as soon as they saw him arrive (Image: Twitter / @ HoustonDynamo)

Different MLS fans approached the player And although they addressed him in English, And the× Atletico Madrid player The vast majority of people who asked for a photo or autograph attended. Others chanted by the midfielder’s last name, and when they saw the reception matched, they shouted even louder.Herrera, Herrera!“.

Another peculiarity is that the fans respected the security instructions and maintained order throughout Hector Miguel’s stay at the airport.

Since announcing the arrival of the 32-year-old midfielder to the MLS, the Mexican character has been so well received by fans, they were excited to see a quality midfielder already involved in the La Liga Spain And he even participated in Champions League.

Hector Herrera has officially bid farewell to Atletico Madrid (Image: Twitter / @HHerreramex)
Hector Herrera has officially bid farewell to Atletico Madrid (Image: Twitter / @HHerreramex)

however, Among the Mexican commentators, his decision was not well regarded Since the quality of MLS has been questioned with that of European football. He was one of the fiercest critics of his decision David Fattelsoncommentator for ESPNwho confirmed that the decision of the national team was not the appropriate decision before world Cup.

But, on the contrary, Javier Chicharito Hernandez He congratulated his former partner in tripartite To make the decision to play in the North American League, so anticipate that it will be difficult to beat an opponent.

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