Hideo Kojima suspended one of his projects because of The Boys

Hideo Kojima suspended one of his projects because of The Boys

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Hideo Kojima Currently working at New game with XboxHowever, there is evidence to suggest that he already has several active projects. The creator has just confirmed it in a certain way, revealing details of another unannounced title featuring actor Mads Mikkelsen.

You can better control your expectations if you are a fan of creativity, because the mentioned project is not in active development at the moment. Kojima admitted he had to stop it and that boysThe famous Prime Video production, was the reason.

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Kojima stopped developing a game due to its similarity to boys

The developer has been thinking for a while about a new project that he had to pause after seeing the first chapters of it boys. the reason? The plot he was envisioning was very similar to the series, so he decided not to continue working on it for the time being.

The title was telling the story of a team of detectives who encounter a group of people with supernatural powers. Kojima stated that the setting and other details of his game were different from the series, but are still very similar overall.

Another interesting detail is that he was considering Mads Mikkelsen to star in this game, whose name, mechanics, and platforms have yet to be revealed. Apparently, its development practically did not progress at all, as Kojima claimed that he was about to start it and quickly stopped it. This indicates that he thought only of his concept and other details of his creation.

His fans were surprised by his statements, because they believe that the project looks very interesting. Some players have asked him not to give up on this idea because it has potential, and many hope Kojima Productions will bring it back in a future title.

“Actually, around the time I was about to start a project that I’d been preparing for a long time, I watched a few episodes and paused because the concept was similar. Something from some friends (male/female) with a special squad of detectives fighting off superheroes. Mats was considered for the role. main,” says part of Kojima’s letter

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