Historical gold deposits are found in Uganda

Historical gold deposits are found in Uganda

despite Uganda is a country in East Africa Not recognized specifically for its economic potential or for being a global power, a recent piece of news can change the focus of the international media since According to information from the government of that country, on July 1, 2022, they found the largest gold deposit in world history.

When was it reported that there was a gold deposit in Uganda?

Last Friday Ugandan government Through a spokesman for the Ministry of Raw Materials and Energy Development Suleiman Mweta in a news program said The country announced the discovery of gold deposits estimated at 31 million tons It will be the most important in world history.

Where is the Ugandan gold field?

According to official information, it has been detailed that the site is in As expected, they will extract 320,000 tons in the first phase.

How was this historic gold deposit found?

After nearly 200 years of the so-called “gold rush” In 1843, states have now turned their attention to this precious metal since two years of atmospheric exploration across the country, as well as geophysical and geochemical studies and analyses, Uganda found the most important deposit in the history of this century.

However, given the economic conditions of the country, and that mining has taken hold in that region through illegality, Moyita said in a press release that it will seek foreign investment to establish and develop the mining sector As well as the necessary infrastructure.

Undoubtedly, a fact that will change the economy of East Africa.

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