Honduran sprinter Ana Valadares qualified for the semi-finals of the CrossFit Games in the United States

Honduran athlete Anna Valadaris Qualified for the semi-finals of the games High intensity fitness program In the United States it was the only player from the Central American region.

Valadares, one 25 years Reaching his full athletic zenith, he is preparing to represent Honduras in such an important competition, which annually brings together the best athletes in the field. Sports discipline.

Her compatriot is an athlete who fully develops and activates competitive sports in the United States, however, her fame began in Honduras, where she won three Open Championships in the United States. High intensity fitness program from the year 2017.

The multi-faceted athlete began training in CrossFit at the age of 19, but the history of the sport that developed in her childhood and adolescence allowed her to adapt herself in strength and resistance training.

The training received in the disciplines of athletics, boxing, tennis and swimming, among others, is part of the Anna Sports Foundation. Currently, Honduras is training hard in the state of Georgia, along with famous high-level athletes from the United States and other nationalities.

Honduran athlete I graduated from the University of Barcelona, in fact; He is studying a master’s degree oriented based on sports management in Georgia State University.

Anna Valadaris She is the only Central American player out of 120 women who qualified for the tournament North America Regional Semifinals Tours,

In an interview with Boxerox Magazine Alcatracha said, “I’m going to compete with everything I have and aim for one of these five places, so why not? I won’t underestimate myself, but I won’t underestimate myself either. I hope to surprise all the viewers.”

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