How do I issue new reactions on WhatsApp Web

How do I issue new reactions on WhatsApp Web

Recently New whatsapp reactions With its recent update, giving you a new resource for interacting with a file Contacts Without the mediation of words, because a emoji will suffice New feature. Many people can already use the new tool, but in the coming weeks, more and more users will have access to the tool, since they are billions of people, they will gradually integrate the system.

WhatsApp company – which, like Instagram Belongs to Goalformerly known as Facebook Known for providing instant messaging service with most clients in the world, and in the most popular PC version mobile app freshness of reactions WhatsApp Web.

How to use feedback in WhatsApp web version

Using the new functionality in WhatsApp or WhatsApp Web is not different from how it is used in other platforms such as Twitter also messenger It has slight differences from the format used in it cable.

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To activate the reactions section of WhatsApp, you have to long press on the message you want to interact with, to display the small menu with the options available for interaction.

At first, you can reply to the chat item with a thumbs up, a heart and some smileys; What is expected in the near future is that any emoji from the catalog can be used so that you can reply in your conversations.

But in PC version You can let yourself be carried away by intuition, because when you hover your cursor over a message, a gray smiley face will appear, which when pressed frees up the list with alternatives to place in the respective message.

Regarding the desktop digital platform version or whatsapp desktop, it is essentially the same procedure; Hovering the mouse over the chat item will display the smiley face to display the reaction options.

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You have the ability to edit your reaction later, as well as go back to the emoji that were used to respond to a specific element of the conversation, whether you change your mind regardless of how much time has passed since the message was sent or the reaction applied you now want to change.

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