How do I know if they have read my WhatsApp messages even when blue popcorn is turned off?

Constant updates you do The WhatsApp In the system modify the way the perception of response Messages When it is already sent, because for a long time, the platform has activated a function that allows hiding when the receiving user notices the content.

Monday popcorn The gray that usually appears under text changes its color to blue When the service detects a read receipt, it is hidden by changing the application settings to hide it Messagesor, phonetics or images, have already been seen.

Although, there are tricks The WhatsApp That with simple steps it is possible to find out whether the person receiving the notification has read it even when this function is deactivated, and therefore, by following the instructions below, it is possible to find out when the contact has actually viewed the content.

How do I know if they have read my WhatsApp messages with blue popcorn disabled?

group messages

In the case of group chats, deactivating read receipts does not cover conversations with more than one user, as the blue double check mark continues to appear.

  • The first thing is to see who in the group read a file Messages It is to search for a text we sent in any conversation of this type.
  • The next thing is to select the down arrow that appears on the top right.
  • After that, the menu The WhatsApp It will open several options where you have to select the option that says “Information. From the message.
  • Finally, the panel it displays opens a list of contacts that shows which of the users is reading a file messageas well as members who have not yet reached them.

Other conversations

In the case of chats that only cover interaction between two people, deactivate blue popcorn Makes it impossible to know if the recipient conceived the texts, since The WhatsAppwith its own privacy standards, fulfills the functions that each user performs on their Service Account.

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