How to always start Chrome or Firefox in incognito mode


How to always enter incognito mode in Chrome and Firefox

If we talk about two of Browsers The most used we should mention Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It is without a doubt one of the most popular devices that we can find on the web and is available for all types of devices and operating systems.

Either way, we can find many accessories and configurations for Maintain privacy. One of those built-in options is to use the browser in incognito mode. This is not really a security measure, but it may benefit privacy by avoiding storing data and information on the system.

In both Chrome and Firefox we can always start it Hidden mode. We can create a shortcut for this. We’ll explain how to do this. You just have to perform a series of simple steps.

Always open Chrome in incognito mode

What we’ll do is Create a shortcut To open the browser automatically in private mode. First of all we have to go to the Windows desktop and right-click on any blank spot. There we will give a new, create shortcut. It will automatically open a new window for writing the location of the item that we will create.

On this site we must put the path Chrome.exe. In addition to the path we have to add – Incognito. Once done, we have to simply click Next and put a name for this shortcut we are creating. For example, we can call it Chrome Private.

Chrome is in private mode

From that moment on, every time we click on this shortcut that we created, it will open Google Chrome in incognito mode. Simple and fast way. We can simply use this symbol in place of the regular shortcut thus always entering this way.

Always open Firefox in incognito mode

Steps to follow to unlock Mozilla Firefox Always in incognito mode they are very similar. We can easily create a shortcut on the Windows desktop and whenever we open it, it will show us a window in the private mode of the famous browser.

Again, what we have to do is go to the desktop, right-click, give it to create a shortcut and in the path this time we’re looking for the shortcut that matches Firefox. So here nothing has changed. Yes, we must bear in mind that we will have to bear it in mind -Spread Instead of stealth, as mentioned earlier.

Create private access in Firefox

We have to click next and give it a name. For example, we can put Firefox private. A shortcut will be added automatically. This way, when we open this code, we can start the browser without storing the information.

Why should we preserve privacy on the Internet

Currently Our data They have a great value on the internet. They can be used by third parties to make a profit. They can include us in spam campaigns, send targeted advertisements, or even sell them to others seeking to collect this type of information.

For this they can use a lot Various technologies. Sometimes, simply by downloading and installing a program, we may display data. Also when browsing the internet, when entering any page. This does not mean that the software we are using is illegal, but it does mean that it may collect more information than necessary.

But without a doubt Social media They are widely used in these cases. This is where our data could be exposed to anyone if we don’t make the profile private. Therefore, we must hide sensitive personal information and always check who can access that data and who cannot.

Ultimately, protecting our privacy online is essential. We must always avoid exposing the information to anyone who has problems.

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