How to better organize files and folders on your Mac

How to better organize files and folders on your Mac

The macOS desktop, unlike Windows, is not designed to house and house all files in an unsupervised manner, but it is designed so that you have Minimum files And that, together with the Dock and Finder, you can access any file or project. So, in this post we will see how you can Improve and organize All files on your Mac efficiently.

Get the bare minimum

Having a disorganized desktop gives you a feeling of lack of control and stress, since you don’t know where the various files are. Therefore, the best way to control all your files is to select Two or three volumes It allows you to collect all the files that you need in your day to day that you can’t put in the Dock, for example, Excel sheets or presentations have direct access in their respective applications, so it is necessary to repeat them.

Less used folders can be deleted or placed elsewhere, and when you need to access them, you can search for files through spotlight. You can access it by pressing the “Cmd” key and the space bar at the same time, or by clicking on the Spotlight icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Finally, it is inevitable that little by little your desktop will Fill with files That you haven’t used it in months or the download folder itself, that you’ve downloaded some plug-in or add-on to use in applications like Blender or Final Cut Pro X. For all of this, it can accumulate and cause wear so it’s highly desirable for your unit’s SSD performance Annual file reviewsince there will be many files that you have to delete or upload to Drive folder to use in a file future.

Use labels and colors to categorize your files

If there is no other choice but to use different volumes For better control, you can use the use functions Labels and colors So you can quickly locate them, and in addition, you can organize your Mac desktop as you like, either by themes organization or priority.

Using folders on a Mac

You can also use the function batteries On the Mac, a function that allows you to group all the files on the desktop into sections and when you click on one “Package” all related files appear. It is a very effective way to automatically group all your files.

Use cloud storage services

iCloud It allows you to work differently with files on your Mac than you can You have it in the iCloud cloud All the files you want so you can get them back to your Mac when you need them. This function allows you to save space and you can keep your documents on any Apple device. Obviously you can also use Other services Cloud storage is like Google Drive or Dropbox, but Apple comes by default and syncs automatically. Of course, it is also the most expensive and the one that offers the least cloud storage for free.

MacBook Air Dock

possibility of existence cloud files It allows you to share files and folders with other users and collaborate on projects more efficiently and above all, you have one file with all the mods and not many.

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