How to customize Windows 10 boot image automatically

How to customize Windows 10 boot image automatically

So you can customize your Windows 10 login picture step by step. We show you all the options available to you.

The Windows 10 boot image It is one of the most easily customizable interface elements. In this article, we show you how to change it step by step so that your computer does not look like any other. We also show you how to add dynamic items to your lock screen so you can get useful information quickly, without having to log into your account.

Customize the Windows 10 boot image to change automatically

How to customize Windows 10 boot image automatically

The lock screen wallpaper in Windows 10 can change automatically if you select it in Settings. Read on to find out how to do it

Windows 10 comes with different parameters for Change the appearance of the startup image. Each of them will help you adjust the appearance of the device according to your personal preferences and add practical functions to your daily life.

All settings related to this section are found in the menu Personalization from System Preferences. Simply press the keys Windows + I And click the corresponding button.

How to customize Windows 10 boot image automatically

The Personalization section of the System Settings is the gateway to a number of parameters to fine-tune the appearance of your device

Next, you need to access the subclass lock screen. If you click on the first dropdown menu that appears, several parameters will be available to you.

How to customize Windows 10 boot image automatically

Dynamic Windows Content: An option to see a new wallpaper every day

They each do the following:

  • Dynamic Windows Content. Select this function if you only want to see a new photo every day. In addition to the image itself, on the lock screen you will find information regarding what appears in the image. For example, maybe once you turn on your computer and see a view from the top of the city. At various points in the image, Windows presents information about the capture, such as the location and other information. Make sure the option is enabled Show fun facts, recommendations, and more from Windows and Cortana on the lock screen.
  • picture. It is used to set an image on the computer as wallpaper on the lock screen.
  • Power point. Allows you to select multiple photos. Displayed as a presentation while the computer is locked.

Once you choose Premium Windows Contentlock screen wallpaper It will turn on automatically. However, there is still a lot you can do to make this area of ​​the operating system useful.

Add dynamic content on the lock screen in Windows 10

In addition to automatically changing wallpaper, some applications can be displayed Dynamic content on the lock screen. This is the situation Mail and calendars Or the Telegram client, Unigram. How do you do that?

How to customize Windows 10 boot image automatically

Embedding dynamic content from apps on the lock screen is as simple as tapping on empty spaces

Just click on one of the empty holes that you will see in the sections Choose an app to display the detailed status on the lock screen s Choose the apps that display the quick status on the lock screen.

Initially, it is possible to select a single application. A prominent space is given to display the detailed content. For example, if you select a file calendar appit will display your next event with all relevant data.

In the second space you can add small icons with quick information. Without going any further, if we choose Unigram, an icon and a badge will be displayed with the number of unread messages. Here you have up to seven spaces to add applications.

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