How to get the iOS 16 lock screen on iOS 15, iOS 14, or iOS 13

How to get the iOS 16 lock screen on iOS 15, iOS 14, or iOS 13

Jailbreaking allows older iPhone users to get the iOS 16 lock screen.

the new iOS 16 lock screen I was One of the most important innovations for the new iPhone. However, not all devices are supported.

Some old iPhones can’t access this version and are left behind Limited Without being able to get this new aesthetic for your screen.

But not being able to update to iOS 16 shouldn’t be a hindrance to accessing this revamped lock screen and Jailbreaking is back in the spotlight By providing the possibility to enjoy this novelty.

That’s right, users who have a device with it iOS 15, iOS 14, or iOS 13 You’ll be able to get the iOS 16 lock screen thanks to a new tweak with great detailing that nicely mimics the aesthetics and some of the functionality offered by the latest version of iOS.

Aim. is the name of the tweak created by iOS developer AliMaulana. This jailbreak tweak allows the user to access the lock screen feature of iOS 16. However, You won’t be able to edit the lock screen like you can in iOS 16. Instead, the tweak creates a section in your iPhone’s Settings app for you to make the adjustments it deems necessary.

Among the changes that the user can make we can highlight:

  • Fonts, color, sizes, date and time.
  • Activate or deactivate widgets. Configure their size, color, position and function.
  • Turn shadows on texts on or off as well as settings for animations, control and other functions.

AIM is a tablet No justify You can download it from the repository the damage It requires some permissions and dependencies that the user must consider to run it.

AIM disk

Although not quite the same, AIM manages to simulate the iOS 16 lock screen very well and can be supplemented with another tweak called exiwall what Add depth to your wallpaper.

Arrival New jailbreak for iOS 16 what Certain requirements are required to be installedHowever, users who already have an iPhone with Cydia will have access to this tweak that brings the iOS 16 lock screen to older devices.

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