How to know if they are spying on conversations – Uno TV

How to know if they are spying on conversations – Uno TV
If you are using WhatsApp Web, there is a new extension that will allow you to detect if someone is spying on your conversations.
WhatsApp Web: How to find out if they are spying on conversations. Photo: Getty Images

Millions of people they use WhatsApp Web and the Online privacy It’s an essential thing if you do it through personal computer. So, Meta launched a file new extension This will allow you to detect if someone is there Spying on your conversations without your consent.

the new Verification code It is an open source browser extension that allows you to validate who is using it WhatsApp Web. It will notify you immediately if your version is not original or has been modified.

The Cell phones have security verification protocols to make sure you The WhatsApp The download is original and has not been modified. Verification code It was created as a solution to your security, so that you have greater peace of mind about your messages.

how new Verification code in WhatsApp Web?

This browser extension protects your conversations in browsers Chrome, Firefox or Edge. downloaded from chrome online store or in Microsoft Store It is already installed you can see it in WhatsApp Web It will appear in the upper right corner and will show you three colors depending on your security status:

  • Green color: Nobody is spying on you
  • yellow: There are interferences, you have to refresh the page
  • red: There is a security problem, ask for help Verification code
Photo: WhatsApp

Browser Extension Verification code Provides the same protection as mobile apps have for the web, because it scans a file javascript code of the application and make sure that it matches the WhatsApp Web. If there are inconsistencies, The extension will alert you immediately.

Verification code Works in partnership with cloud glowa security and web infrastructure company that provides independent and transparent validation of the code you receive WhatsApp Web.

Now that you know, use the extension Verification code To ensure that you are not being spied on. If you want more information visit this link.

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