Android | Why you shouldn’t charge your cell phone with a broken cable | battery | wire | care | OS | nda | nnni | sports game

Android |  Why you shouldn’t charge your cell phone with a broken cable |  battery |  wire |  care |  OS |  nda |  nnni |  sports game

Current smartphone batteries are lithium-ion, which has a charging capacity of five thousand milliamperes (mAh) or higher values, however, like any device, they also have a life cycle that you must extend to avoid some very common and negative practices that most users do without to realize it. On this occasion, we will explain from Depor what are the consequences of charging your phone With a broken or frayed cable. Take note.

Most likely, keep the same charger that came in the box with If suddenly this is the case, the cable is frayed, old and even broken or peeled, even if you continue to plug it into your mobile device to charge it, stop doing it, because you will degrade your device’s battery and even expose yourself to a discharge of electricity, reported BP Technology Portal. C in London.

What happens if you charge your ANDROID CELL with a broken cable

  • According to the above method, each cell phone receives a certain voltage, if the charger does not meet these criteria, it will directly affect the battery. In simple words, this means that if a broken or worn cable does not provide the same electrical measurements, it can significantly reduce battery life.
  • A broken wire can also cause the device’s battery to overheat, causing explosions and short circuits. As you remember, when a cell phone battery explodes, a chemical reaction is created and the component begins to ignite.
  • It is common for a cell phone to be used while it is being charged, so if the cable is exposed you risk getting an electric shock when touching it.

How long is an ANDROID cell phone battery life?

phone battery Android The mid or high range can handle close to 500 charge cycles or maybe a little more, it all depends on the care you give and the brand and range of the equipment. If you notice that your cell phone is running out quickly, it is likely that the milliamperes (mAh) of the battery is decreasing, for example, if your new phone had 5000 mAh, it may now be between 3000 or 4000 and will decrease with use. To find out this information we recommend that you install the application AccuBatteryYou find it in Google Play Store or you can get it quickly by clicking .

How are charge cycles measured?

Your device battery runs out from the first day you use it, and its duration is measured in “charge cycles”, what does that mean? It basically represents the number of times the battery is charged from 0% to 100%, for example: if you charge your cell phone twice a day, the first from 0% to 50% and the second from 50% to 100%, it means that you are exhausted Just a charging cycle. In the same way, if you charge it three times a day, two at 30% (60%) and one at 40%, it gives a total of 100%, and therefore it is also considered a charge cycle.

How can I increase my cell phone signal?

  • by channel tik tok From Juligarciaku The first thing you should do is enter the keyboard of your iPhone cell phone.
  • There type *3370#
  • Now don’t lose sight of your cell phone signal.
  • At that time, if you had a signal line, you would now see all bars increase.
  • This way, make the call you need to make and you will no longer hear it cut off.
  • Also, the same source reveals that if you get an error message, you don’t have to worry.

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