How to Monitor and Regulate Battery Status on iPhone

07-20-2021 Charging the battery on iPhone 12 Apple research and technology policy

In the midst of the busy lives that people’s daily lives consume, it seems that this is not the only thing that can be consumed, because, as happens with the human “battery”, the cell phone battery also suffers “in daily life.”

Therefore, it is not uncommon to notice how much longer the days you charge your cell phone battery slower, and even worse, How little lasts. As the months go by, it’s normal to feel the need to constantly search for an outlet to be able to plug in your device, because you feel like it takes less time for your cell phone to charge.

However, in today’s mobile devices, most of which do not have removable batteries, it is very difficult to simply say: I will buy another battery.It’s not just about going to the store, buying it, unlocking the mobile and changing it. You need a full technical service to be able to fully comply with this task.

An example is the iPhone. Apple was one of the first tech companies to limit access to the back of their cell phones, so, After years of fighting, its users have realized that the best thing is to give up and learn how to take better care of their cell phone battery.

Thinking about this, the tech giant has created a series of tools that are built into the iPhone that can help you, first, learn when a battery fails, and second, how to take care of it to extend its useful life. .

To start, the important thing before you even think about buying a new battery or even a new cell phone, It is to identify the current situation and analyze the way it works within the team. For this, you just have to follow these steps:

1. go to the Adjust Then press battery.

2. A list will be broken down with information showing which apps are consuming the most battery power, as well as when they were used. These details can be observed in the last 24 hours or in the last 10 days.

There is also an option battery statusWith which you can see how much your battery is spending. This way, the iPhone will indicate, from 1 to 100, how worn out the battery is, with 100 being the best condition it can be in.

In addition, this information will answer why you need to keep your cell phone connected to a power source for a longer time, because if this happens it is Because surely the battery already has a big cost.

“Decreased capacity can lead to fewer hours of use between charges”, refers to Apple.

Knowing the condition of the battery, you can already make a diagnosis of the actions that need to be taken into account to reduce its cost as much as possible and can last longer. In order to reach this goal, some of the most important tips that experts give are:

1. Reduce screen brightnessOf course, it depends on where you are. Of course, it is the light emitted from the screen that uses the most energy and will give the cell phone battery balancing a period of rest.

2. It is better to use Wifi than to use mobile data.

3. Activate Optimum Battery Charging So your iPhone can learn about your charging routine so it can better store energy before, during, and after charging.

4. Do not charge or allow your iPhone to fully discharge. It is always a good idea to charge a cell phone when it reaches 5 or 10% of its total charge. Likewise, it is advised to disconnect it when it reaches the level of 90 to 100%. This avoids wasting vital battery charge cycles.

5. Avoid cell phone overheating, either due to excessive use or prolonged exposure to high temperature conditions.

6. Update the software each time Apple notifies you that a new update is available.

7. Enable the Low Power option, with which you can regulate the power that the iPhone will use, depending on the battery level of the cell phone.

This way you can take care of your battery to the fullest, without having to spend extra on a new cell phone.

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