How to save time when writing


The WhatsApp It allowed us to communicate with our loved ones, because the current situation made physical interaction with others more difficult. in this way To write in another way Quickly It can be liquids Save time And help you to participate in various talks Around the same time.

To implement it, you will have to use some tricks and key combinations, as not only will you be able to apply them on your mobile device, but there are also options that facilitate Shipping From Posts at The WhatsApp The web.

These tricks for the computer version of The WhatsApp They will let you move from one conversation To post without the need for a mouse or touchpad, as well as your own layout and design Texts. at Technology bit We tell you how to do this.

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Use keyboard shortcuts

If you use it normally The WhatsApp Often times on the web, you can use some shortcuts with your computer keyboard, because combining them will speed up your typing. The Codes They are as follows:

Ctrl + N: for a new conversation

Ctrl + Shift +]: if you want to go to the next chat

Ctrl + Shift +[:togotothepreviouschat[:parairalchatanterior[:للذهابإلىالدردشةالسابقة[:parairalchatanterior

Ctrl + E: Archive the conversation.

Ctrl + Shift + M: With this combination, you can mute the conversation.

Ctrl + Backspace: delete the conversation.

Ctrl + Shift + U: Mark as unread.

Ctrl + Shift + N: It will help you to create a new group.

Ctrl + P: Open the profile.

Alt + F4: Close the chat window.

In addition to this trick, there is another one that will help you find it Quickly emojis, since sometimes it takes time to find the right one to complete Posts at The WhatsApp The web.

To do this, you must put the emoji name between the commas and the colon, i.e. “: Name:”. When using this kit The WhatsApp The web will put the person you are looking for on top of the text box, making it easier and easier to find Fast to write letters.

(Image: screenshot)

The only drawback to these tricks is that you will have to learn the combos to be able to implement them, along with the name of each emoji to find the perfect symbol or just leave it written in the notepad you have.

Save time from your cell phone

Tricks to be able Save time The Send messages about The WhatsApp It is not only for the web version, as there are some tips that can help you implement this activity from your smartphone.

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Telcel recommends activating “auto spacing” on your mobile device. With that, you will be able to touch the space twice and an automatic period will be placed at the end of the sentence.

WhatsApp is a hoax.  jpeg (Image: screenshot)

Another tip is that you take advantage of the SwiftKey keyboard, as it allows you to swipe and join each letter of the word that you want to write. A trick you’ll undoubtedly do Save time at the time of send is yours Posts. This keyboard is available for Android and iOS, according to Telcel.

Coordinate your messages

To make Posts They look different and with special design, you can also benefit from some of them Groups. These are working on The WhatsApp On mobile devices and its web version.

To type text in italics, place an underscore before and after the text: Hello. When you send it, it will be seen in the desired format.

If you want to bold a message, place an asterisk before and after the text: * Hello *

whats-app-letra.jpg (Image: screenshot)

To write strikethrough text, place the tilde sign before and after the text: ~ Hey ~

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If you want to type single-space text, put three quotes backwards before and after the message: “ Hey ”

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