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We tested Android 12 over a month ago, and that’s the best thing about the new version of Google’s OS.

It’s been almost a month since Google launched the The first release for Android 12 developersNext big OS update.

Throughout this past month, We have been Android 12 test And the news it provides to the platform, Even knowing that all that Google has provided us at the moment is a preview of what is to come, and that many of the things that will be in the final version of Android 12 have not even been announced.

Anyway, the Developer preview 1 Android 12 helped us get a fairly clear idea of ​​what we can expect from the new system update. this is for you More interesting news and changes … So far.

How to install Android 12 on a compatible mobile phone

Android 12 in the Google Pixel 4 XL.

Facelift for OS

The Android aesthetic He hasn’t made any major changes since we’ve seen the jump from Android 4.4 KitKat to Android 5 Lollipop and Material Design Language was introduced. Since then, all we’ve seen has been Duplicates of the same design That worked to update the aesthetics of the platform. But that is about to change.

Everything seems to indicate that Android 12 will mark before and after tags On the podium in terms of design, by presenting what is known as Next article, Which is a near-complete revamp of the visual style of the elements that make up the operating system’s interface.

The article NEXT will be a file Another step to the multi-dimensional design pathAnd so far we know that among the novelties in Android 12, we will find a file Completely renewed notification panel and quick settings, With new colors, shapes and symbols; a Lock the screen Customizable and improved appearance; And prof Settings menu With a theme that adopts its own One UI format, an Allocation layer Dependent Samsung mobiles.

But this is not all that is new Android 12 interface. Under the codename “Monet” is hidden a Native theme engine Google plans to improve the customization aspect of the OS.

The aforementioned system will benefit from API wallpapers Already present in the operating system, to Automatically create themes based on the background base colors selected by the user.

Android 12 theme in green

One of the themes for Android 12, with pictures.

In this way, it will be possible to get the A completely different custom theme For the rest of Android users, depending on Wall paper Been used. In the screenshots below these lines, you can see How do the colors of some UI elements differ Based on the background colors the user chooses.

To all this we must add Changes to other elements such as the lock screen Or to the road Always on display, Or revamp some preinstalled apps to adapt these design fonts, using Interfaces that are more intuitive to use with one hand And the cleanest designs.

Operating system more suitable for large screen mobile phones

Cell phones get bigger. it’s the truth. And so far, cleaner versions of Android – those not customized with programs like MIUI, One UI, or OxygenOS – are not ready for use by users with one hand without much trouble.

With Android 12, Google plans to put an end to this problem with a feature that many manufacturers have adopted for years, but which hasn’t yet been in AOSP: “One-handed situation.”

This will allow the situation Shrink the “usable” portion of the screen to the lower half of the panelSo that any corner of the screen can be reached with just one hand.

That’s not all: As I already indicated in the previous section, some system apps will be revamped to Adapts to this new shape, optimized for one-handed use. This is the case of the System Settings app, whose new interface, although hidden, is present in Android 12 of the release First developer preview.

More useful “Share” list

The The original order list Content sharing has been Google’s main goal during the latest Android update. As of Android 11, this was the list Improved with a much faster download And other improvements, but it’s still not perfect to this day.

Although, I fear that Android 12 won’t cause every of your problems They disappear from day to day, and we know the new version It sparks important changes Designed to improve the experience when sharing any type of content.

One of them is the possibility Edit the content to share before sending it. So, if we want an example Send a picture from the gallery, It would not be necessary to pass through prof Imagen Editor; a The edit button allows you to make some changes and adjustments About the image before sharing it.

Scrolling shots arrive … Finally

Animated screenshots in Android 12

Scrolling screenshots arrive on Android 12.

Google us Long promised that the screenshots expanded They will sooner or later end up with an original function of the platform. Although it was slow, They finally arrived … more or less.

Because although a file Option to take swipe screenshots to capture all content of the web page or app Not found in Developer preview 1Yes, they will be in the not-too-distant future. In fact, we have already seen it How will it be implemented and how it will work.

Sharing WiFi passwords has never been easier

I forgot that Look under the router about Share Wi-Fi password. When your mobile phone is updated to Android 12-Just use the tool Close Post To send the key to any other mobile phone, as long as you have one The system version is equal to or higher than Android 6.0. Quickly and easily.

Compartir Wi-Fi on Android 12 con nearby Share

Compartir Wi-Fi on Android 12 con nearby Share.

Widgets get a (deserved) face-lift

a Curious about Android Not many people know him Famous widgets They have been in the OS practically since its inception, and they weren’t quite the late addition as it happens with los widgets de iOS.

But this is exactly where iOS is Google is inspiring When developing the new version of Android 12 Tools, which will be provided Possibility of “stackable tools” This will take up less space on the Home screen by being on top of each other and being able to move between them by sliding your finger.

The best free widgets for Android

Google, on the other hand, implemented the Conversations tool, Aiming to broaden the focus of this section by joining Conversations section in the notification panel And chat bubbles released in Android 11.

Happy Widget Gather relevant information Related to conversations with “important” people, such as Missed calls, recent messages, or activity statusesObtained from various sources and applications.

Privacy indicators to see if the apps are spying on you

Stackable widgets aren’t the only aspect in which Google has taken inspiration from Apple and iOS 14. With Android 12, the so-called Privacy indicators Which saw daylight for the first time with the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

These indicators will work how and when An app that accesses your microphone, camera, or uses location permission Device, prof A small notification will appear At the top of the screen to keep the user aware of it.

Android 12, home

Android 12 will include privacy notifications in the status bar.

Without a doubt, this is one of the Most of the useful features of iOS 14, So now I know Can be used on Android through third-party appsBut we’re glad Google decided that Trumps For your platform.

Application pairs: Easily run two apps at the same time

With the advent of foldable cell phones, manufacturers have had to Devising ways to take advantage of the new formats. One of them is the possibility Run two applications simultaneously as soon as possible.

Split screen Android 11 vs Android 12

Comparison of split screen for Android 11 (left) and Android 12 “app pairs” (right)

Android 12 will reduce the effort manufacturers need to implement features like these with Application pairs, Which is a tool built into the system that will give users a possibility Choose two different apps, And configure it so that, with a single touch, Simultaneous launch in split screen mode.

Those, so far, The best news from Android 12 – “Android S” or “Android 12 Snow Cone” according to its internal name – On the platform. Obviously, we are facing one of Major OS updates in recent years, Whose changes have revolutionized certain aspects of Android.

Now, he keeps waiting until the months have passed Google continues to meet the update schedule So get to The latest version, Which should be ready sometime next summer. In the meantime, we will continue to test all the news that the next betas that have yet to come will have to offer.

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