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Among the Android and iOS shooter tools, there is a game that stands out from the rest: . It is a free Battle Royale genre that has a small online payments business model.

But is it necessary to pay for new skins and characters? The developer company started sharing daily special icons to claim some aesthetic items.

It should be noted that some aesthetics in Free Fire have gameplay improvements as “passive elements”. In the same way, the characters have different abilities that change our game strategies.

Free Fire Redemption Codes – March 13th

  • FFBC-T7P7-N2P2
  • FU5O-PKTT-56LP
  • 66QS-ZD5Z-EMHH
  • C24I-NWB3-YFPD
  • O8Y0-P7BZ-150T
  • Q1RC-5NPZ-2C2F

Claim it before it expires. Redemption codes have a limited time to use. Every 24 hours you will have to stop using it and new ones will be published.

If the codes are not accepted, the following message will appear: “The code has expired or is not valid.”

To claim it, you don’t necessarily have to enter the app, but you can also do so through the game’s official website at . Once the code is entered and validated, you must log into your mobile application and accept the exchange.

Why did Chrono break the balance of Battle Royale?

Chrono added, a strong character with one of the most “disabled” abilities. According to community comments, the character inspired by Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo broke the game, because his active skill and other aspects caused an imbalance in the games.

Chrono’s active capacity in , Called Tuned Shield, creates a force field that blocks 500 damage from enemies. Movement speed increased by 15%. During the skill activation period, Allies in the Force Field receive a 15% Speed ​​Bonus at Base level. Duration 10 seconds and can be reused every 55 seconds in its original state.

So Tuned Shield provides a spot feature in games especially when gloo walls are running out. Chrono can pounce on rivals to dominate areas and buildings with great ease.

Added to this, Chrono’s ability increases his speed by 30%, the highest of all characters, even surpassing Joseph who increases his sprint speed by 20% when he’s damaged.

So facing Chrono action is very difficult for players, because there is a shield that protects the entire team while taking the positions of the main areas.

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