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Are you one of those people who smoke? beta? The app tests communities across Latin America, an option that allows you to not only chat with more than 512 people at the same time, but also to organize your groups.

However, in The option to hide “internet” and even “type” has not yet been implemented. This is the reason why most of the users decide to download the APK of Yo WhatsApp. Do you want to have it on your cell phone? Here we tell you how to get it.

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Download YO WHATSAPP APK 9.40: Latest Version

  • One of the things you should know is that you cannot use WhatsApp with Yo WhatsApp.
  • You should always uninstall one of them.
  • Remember to make a backup before deleting it.
  • Now to download Yo WhatsApp, just use this .
  • At that time, get the APK file from the Mediafire link.
  • Remember to give your cell phone permission to install third party apps.
In Yo WhatsApp you can also activate the famous “Airplane mode”. (Photo: WhatsApp)
  • When done, you must enter your cell phone number.
  • At that moment you will receive a verification code.
  • When you enter it, you will be able to use Yo WhatsApp without problems.
  • Always remember to update it to avoid possible ban by normal WhatsApp.

What does the green dot mean after your WhatsApp chats?

  • It’s not about the famous green dot that tells you how many messages you have on WhatsApp.
  • The icon is displayed next to the chat.
  • This is the function that lets you know if you have decided to mark a conversation as “unread”.
  • This way you can reply later.
  • To be able to hide the green dot, just go to WhatsApp.
  • Then tap on the respective conversation.
  • Go to settings and select “Mark as read”.
  • This way the green WhatsApp dot will not be there.
  • Remember that it is always a good idea to reply to all of your messages so that the other person won’t be ignored for too long.
  • The “mark as unread” function does not cause a message to be marked again without a blue double check.

Find out if your partner has deleted chats on WhatsApp

  • First, check it out The WhatsApp You have no pending updates.
  • Now, open the app and tap on the three vertical dots icon present in the top right corner.
  • Several options will be displayed, access to “Settings”.
  • Here you will click on the “Storage and Data” > “Manage Storage” sections.
  • Scroll down and in the Chats section you will see the name of all the contacts you’ve talked to before.
  • Finally, go back to the main WhatsApp interface and if this user’s name is not there, then their conversation has been deleted.

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