Instagram is changing the feed and some digital marketing strategies are outdated


last year, Instagram I made some changes to the feed that would give users more control over what they see in the app.

Apparently, the social network is owned by dead (Facebook) is making progress in this regard because on some accounts it is testing returning to the desired feed in a more chronological way and with more restrictions.

In fact, it is a new function that does not come by default, but can be activated.

It’s similar to what Twitter actually does: the ability to choose between a time feed or organize by an algorithm.

According to various media specializing in tech, the function is only active on some accounts at random, both on Android and iOS.

Obviously, these are the first public tests of the new functionality that Instagram will offer.

As you can see, you can choose from three different feeds:

  • the Actual,
  • Another where you only see the content of the users who are followed
  • And a third feed in which you can configure the accounts that are preferred to view only the content posted on them.

Instagram feed

How you can change the way your Instagram feed is displayed

If the tool is already enabled, it can be accessed by clicking on the Instagram logo (in the upper left part of the application).

When you click, you see the three options under the names: Home, follow and favorites.

  • The “home” or main feed remains the same now, with the stories, reels and posts of the people you follow, but also with the content recommended by Instagram’s algorithms. This is the most difficult change for brands, as it will make it more difficult to reach accounts that people don’t follow. Strategies digital marketing You must adapt to these developments.
  • The Follow feed displays only posts from people who are followed. There is no recommendations or stories section at the top anymore. The content does not appear in strict chronological order.
  • The Favorites feed is the most restrictive: only people or brands that have been marked as favorites. This is something that can be managed from the “Manage Favorites” option, located in the same place, at the end of the menu.

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