Introduction to the backend, basics of work


Web development is one of the most in-demand business sectors today. It involves teams that have dozens or even hundreds of working employees. Web development has become a hot commodity in the business world and many companies are investing heavily in it. This accelerates the emergence of new technologies, develops the market even more dynamically and attracts more and more interested people.

But one thing remains the same – this is that all web development falls into two categories: front-end development and back-end development.

Work on the visual design of the site (front-end) and the main code that ensures its smooth operation (back-end).

Marketing in web development and back-end

Also the most important factor in web development is marketing. When a specialist customizes a site in accordance with the requirements of search engines, using keywords in tags or metadata, this is called SEO. This means that optimizing both sides will help increase traffic from Google search, resulting in more sales for businesses using the platform.

SEO is just as important in the backend as it is in the frontend. The position of the site in organic search also depends on the high-quality optimization of the database, the speed of the server response and its proper operation.

In more detail, we will dwell on the concept of the backend and understand the features of working with it.

The work of the backend is often overlooked, unaware that this is one of the most important aspects in any web project. To stay competitive, any large project needs a professional back-end developer.

The back-end developer is responsible for running the server software, setting up requests between the client (user’s browser) and the server, and working on the site’s code.

The back-end specialist works closely with front-end programmers and other developers to create complex database table systems for storing data, as well as design interfaces, and optimize server performance and requests from the site.

Security and Backend

The Backend is also responsible for the security of data transfer on the site and between the client and the server. And as the company develops, safety comes first for it.

The backend is always a large array of work that requires experience and knowledge of working with it. Often, companies for some reason cannot or do not want to hire a separate backend department and because of this, the web application may be vulnerable or perform worse than it could. And poor site performance can negatively impact user experience and increase bounce rates.

For this, there is a  backend company that ensures the correct operation of the backend in your web application.


The first competency of a backend developer is good database management. They need to know how to use database systems such as SQL, MySQL PostgreSQL and C#, PHP or Python query languages ​​to properly administer the backend aspects in order to efficiently and securely store information from your site users and communicate it quickly.

Python as a backend language

Python is unsurprisingly the most widely used programming language among back-end developers and is the main query and database language after C# and PHP. For companies or teams that need a fast, reliable and guaranteed result of developing applications in Python, we recommend working with python software development services. Working with qualified professionals always reduces potential risks and saves money in the long run.

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