iPhone 13 frustrated its users when they discovered it had a fatal flaw

According to Apple customers, the iPhone 13 experienced a setback in its settings (Photo: REUTERS / Carlos Garcia Rawlins)

“How can An apple Removing this essential feature from a $2000 phone in 2021? An annoyed user said iPhone 13 “failed” on Reddit.

Across the platform, an Apple customer expressed his annoyance to find out that the latest model has Serious lack of connection settings Compared to previous models and other newer generation devices.

According to your review, iPhone 13 does not allow you to configure the front microphone to isolate noise from the environment You can clearly hear the voice of the interlocutor. His annoyance prompted him to file a complaint on Reddit where he received many comments and reactions.

“How can Apple remove this essential feature from the $2000 phone in 2021?”

Representative image of the iPhone 13 Pro (Image: REUTERS / Carlos Garcia Rawlins / File Photo)
Representative image of the iPhone 13 Pro (Image: REUTERS / Carlos Garcia Rawlins / File Photo)

But the complaint did not end there. everything went wrong When he realized it was not a minor malfunction of his mobile but a development bug. Which is that he went to the official Apple store to fix his phone, but they told him that there is no problem with that, as This model does not have the option to enhance the sound quality possible.

The above means a setback for the iPhone, because on the 12 and other previous models the optimization can be activated by going to Access settings and choose Noise canceling.

however, No such tool found on this newer (and more expensive) iPhoneIt has been removed from the list of options.

To add more frustration to the issue, when the user contacted customer service, they replied that they didn’t know if it was really a hardware or software problem and that that They were working to find a solution.

(Photo: screenshot)
(Photo: screenshot)

Given the Reddit user’s request, which has been causing quite a stir, Apple customers are expecting the company to offer a solution, especially given that the next-generation device comes at a high cost.

According to Apple users, The problem continues to appear More than two months after the launch iOS 15.2 Update And they assume you won’t get confused in update 15.3 either, since nothing was noticed in the beta.

Although the calls are still ‘missing’, it turns out that the noise canceling issue has already been added to other apps like FaceTime to avoid issues with listening to the other person.

To enjoy the device, you can follow some tips in the settings to provide it with security and convenience.

File photo of iPhones in the Apple Store (Photo: REUTERS/Edgar Su)
File photo of iPhones in the Apple Store (Photo: REUTERS/Edgar Su)

In the case of digital protection, it is recommended to disable location services or choose which applications can access your location, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. The good thing is that you can decide for each app or disable location services entirely.

Another important privacy setting to manage is to determine whether Apps may ask you for permission to track what you do on other websites and apps. Apple made a change to iOS 15This is why you’ll see a popup every time you open a new app asking if you consent to the collection and use of your personal information to display personalized ads and reports.

If you no longer want these popups to appear, go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking and uncheck Allow apps to request tracking.

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