Is it true that dark mode saves your cell phone power?


You may have heard it on more than one occasion Energy saving in you cell phone NS Hardware Electronics useful trick to activate Way dark in you Monitor, which has become one of the most widely used and appreciated personalization alternatives by device users Android NS iOS NS Iphone. They argue differentlys Guessing about it, but in these cases I can be practical to get those results.

A large amount of the power our cell phone battery actually uses is related to the time the screen stays on and the intensity of brightness adjustment.

This is simply because the longer the screen is lit, the more power it consumes, but it must be taken into account that two types of panels are currently integrated into smartphones, namely screens IPS and the AMOLEDEach of them has its own characteristics and level consume from energy.

To preserve the battery charge, this system provides lower, but barely noticeable consumption. (Pixabay)

Brightness is one of the primary variables when looking for energy savings because it is easy to detect that cell phone battery performance drops dramatically when brightness is operating at high levels.

This situation changes dramatically when it comes to an AMOLED display because to get a lower battery consumption with this system, when dealing with dark mode you should always use the brightness at 100%, but that’s something few people actually do, except outdoors.

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In general, most people usually set the brightness level of their mobile phone around 30-40%, which allows for small energy savings that are hardly noticed by the user.

Only 3 to 9% of the power will be saved when managing the dark mode, which is difficult to realize, not to mention that the rest of the active processes affect the performance of the load.

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Even with that factor, that’s exactly what AMOLED screens work for, as each pixel turns off independently when they need to display pure black and lighting separately. For those for whom the black dots that appear on these screens are more intense than those on IPS.

For all this, we find that the dark mode is just a way to have a theme on our smartphone with a darker tone in the interface of some Applications Well, energy saving is there, but it is almost imperceptible.

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