It is the best of the year according to Google

It is the best of the year according to Google

Like every year, Google selects the best apps for Android smartphones and tablets … and in 2022 Pocket is the best app!

Google Play’s Best Tablets 2022 promotional image.

The 2022 school year ends and like every year, Google takes inventory Choose us what it was The best apps and content available for Android within your Play Store.

And this time they are It is the turn of some tablets that are reborn Which many manufacturers trusted again in post-pandemic times, which Smartphone sales are going down and down If we exclude Apple and its iPhones, while productivity and Work in commuting earns it all Protected from remote work and its inevitable growth at the global level.

Therefore, many will be interested What is the general application for Google? For Android tablets, it is actually not a new app but an old app known as ‘read later’right Now In the hands of Mozilla and in the name of pocketWhich has grown without a doubt became a must To save and sort interesting content.

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That’s how it is pocketthe app chosen by Google as the best app of 2022 for tablets

It is no surprise that this app was chosen as Best app of the year for Android tabletsnot at least in terms of functionality, but that is because this application is not a discovery but An old and basic development ‘read later’ Which was purchased a few years ago by Mozilla Corporation.

Her job was built around an idea from the start Content library, links board approxwhere we can save any article, song, link, web page or document To have everything in order and to be able to read As we wanted or had time.

Now your options have grown Already renamed pocket It allows us to save things from almost anywherefrom the latest news to magazine articles, stories, videos, recipes, and All kinds of content that we discover on the Internet or on our smartphone from any other application or content source.

Best pocket apps tablets 2022

According to Google, the best tablet app of 2022 is… Pocket!

Not only that, and it is In addition to saving content To read later now pocket It’s almost a podcast app, okay You can read our articles and stories anywhere So that we can relax our eyes and free our hands after long days working in front of the computer.

app too Reading time can be estimated Of all the content we save so we can choose if we want to fill in shorter waiting times, and it’s even able to Download content so we can access it offline And enjoy it anywhere.

pocket He is A very powerful productivity appalthough at the same time it is Simple in essence and practicalwhich also allows us to find other content based on our tastes and Offer us jobs excellent at an additional cost It will open you access to an advanced search engine, unlimited premium content, or a backup of our saved content database.

Here you can download it for free!

Download Pocket (Free) | google apps

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