The space telescope spends 15 days in Safe Mode due to a software glitch

The space telescope spends 15 days in Safe Mode due to a software glitch

After a year of space wandering, he was able James Webb Telescope From NASA began to give problems. Since December 7, the spacecraft has been Entering and Exiting Safe ModeAlthough science operations resumed early last week, As I was informed USA Agency.

Webb’s “Safe Mode” shuts down the telescope’s non-essential systems, and thus the equipment from the earth He had to stop his investigations until the problem was resolved. NASA didn’t report the problems they were having until they were fixed, and now they are confirming it “The telescope and its instruments are in good health.”

The agency’s statement makes it clear “Software error has activated the parking control system”, which is one of the devices that tells where the telescope is pointing. Because of the problem, Webb could not continue with his observations and the researchers only continued their scientific activity a week ago and had to reprogram their machines.

During a web trip through the universe, take infrared and near-infrared images of impressive places in the universe thousands to millions of light-years from Earth, such as pillars of creation Waved The Tarantula Nebula. After a break of several days, NASA showed New image: Photo from Spiral galaxy NGC 7469Which is 220 million light years away.

Spiral galaxy NGC 7469 by James Webb.
Spiral galaxy NGC 7469 by James Webb.
ESA/Webb, NASA, CSA, L. Armus, and A.S. Evans

Now that it’s a file a pot If they are able to resume its scientific operations, they will be able to continue exploring the universe to solve the unknown that science has been thinking about for a long time, such as The origin of the oldest lights, how the first galaxies and stars arose and what was their evolution.

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