It seems that this year yes! We’ll see the flat-topped Apple Watch Series 8 we’ve been expecting since last year, according to the latest leaks

Remember when rumors went that a file Apple Watch Series 7 Was he going to get a new design that didn’t finally arrive? Well, now new sources insist on it Redesign that is still pendingand you can do that using Apple Watch Series 8.

Eighth lucky?

this time Leaking It comes from ShrimpApplePro, which notes that the redesign includes Completely flat front panel Which eliminates the curved edges found in current and previous generations of Apple Watch. The sides will also be flattened, so the clock will look somewhat square. The buttons and the digital crown will not change.

The source also claims that the mass production of this watch can start soonas it will be manufactured in Vietnam as there are no problems that exist in China now due to COVID-19. We may see the next Apple Watch Series 8, or we may encounter this potential model More thoughts on extreme sports. This is what John Prosser thinks, for example, who also contributes himself Makes In one of his videos.

We must see the unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 8 in Septembertogether to iPhone 14. Among other rumors, there are also reasons to expect new sensors, a faster chip, and new designs for its straps. A few months ago we saw that Mark Gorman I was so excited With what we will see, so there is reason to be optimistic.

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