It’s official: Final Fantasy XVI will only be a temporary release exclusive for PlayStation 5


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This part of Sony’s strategy was already clear with PlayStation 5 Your catalog is fed with temporary exclusives. As you can imagine, the company prefers to avoid mentioning that these games can be on other consoles, so sometimes these issues aren’t entirely clear. Fortunately, we already have a better idea of ​​what is going to happen Final Fantasy XVI.

When Sony announced Final Fantasy XVI In September of the year, it revealed it as a PlayStation 5 exclusive (although it was first reported that it would also arrive on PC) at the time, it was not decided whether it was a temporary exclusive or if the PlayStation 5 was the only place to play it.

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right Now, PlayStation 5 official website has been updated To view some games with temporary exclusivity on consoles. Among those Deathlope And Ghostwire: Tokyo, Bethesda addresses will soon appear on your computer. Remarkably, the list also includes Final Fantasy XVI And Forspock (Formerly known as Project Athia), the games Square Enix makes for the PlayStation.

¿Final Fantasy XVI On Xbox? It is not impossible

With this it becomes clear Final Fantasy XVI It is an exclusive temporary. This opens the door for us to see it on PC and Xbox Series X | S some time after its release.

The bad news is that there is still no indication of when we can expect to see this release, if it arrives. However, Square Enix and Xbox have a good relationship, and many games in the series are available on Xbox. For this reason, it appears to be a matter of time before it is announced to be on the Microsoft console.

And what do you think of this news? Are you excited about the possibility to play? Final Fantasy XVI On Xbox or PC? Tell us in the comments.

Final Fantasy XVI Under development for PlayStation 5. You can learn more about this game If you click here.

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