Japan breaks the world internet speed record: 319 terabytes per second


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picture: Michael Buckchery (Getty Images)

A team of scientists from the National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies in Japan managed to break the world record for the speed of an Internet connection, achieving a speed of 319 terabits per second, almost double the previous record of 179 terabytes per second, which was imposed by Japanese and English researchers in 2020. .

While today’s internet connection speeds in the world for the home range from 10Mbps to 1Gbps in some very premium segments, the idea of ​​319TB is almost incomprehensible to the average user. To get an idea, this is equivalent to downloading more than 7000 HD movies in just one second.

The Japanese team achieved this speed usingI walk on a fiber-optic line that has four cores, instead of one, which allows to reduce signal distortion in long-distance transmissions, and they conducted experiments in a 3,000 km distance simulation system of optical fibers, transmitting data by laser and using an amplifier every 70 km.

The result is an incredibly high speed with this system that researchers have confirmed is compatible with the country’s existing infrastructure, meaning that at some point, at least in part, it can be implemented as an update, dramatically improving internet connection speed. But let’s not expect those speeds, not even 10% of them, to be soon in our homes. We have a long way to go. [via[via[عبر[viaMotherboard / Engadget]

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