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A few weeks ago, he warned us about that Important announcement regarding release . This is MOBA mobile with LoL characters. It will be launched in March of this year in Latin America.

Release day

With a promotional video, players from Peru, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and the rest of the region have been invited to download the game, which will be released on March 29th, on both Android and iOS.

There are a few very important things I want to touch on regarding your Wild Rift experience. (…) It took us longer than expected and this has to do with what we told you in the last year, because this region has its own challenges and limitations. We had to conquer it in order to deliver the full Wild Rift experience in your hands.“, Comenta Annabell Bori, Brand Manager for Riot games Latinoamérica.”

It adds that the server architecture will be different from other areas. Basically, you will line up with all the people on the continent but not with those outside it. On the other hand, it was demonstrated that VPNs were a problem in developing and evaluating servers.

If you are one of those who anticipated the launch, the account level will be reset and you will lose all of your progress.

Official Wild Rift Trailer for Latin America

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